Welcome to Beautiful Bicester
Celebrating Our Community

Welcome to Beautiful Bicester,

Created and managed by Bicester Chamber of Commerce “Beautiful Bicester” aims to become the “must visit” place for information about our town. Our priority is to support our community and its businesses helping them to grow and thrive. The challenge will be to both prepare for a safe and healthy future whilst keeping ahead of the latest developments as we adjust to a new and brighter future for everyone.

Thanks to a successful bid from the 'Re-opening the High Street Safely Fund' the focus will be to enable Bicester to build resilience post Covid and transition to a phase of renewal and growth. We wanted to encourage a sense of pride in our town, where the whole community can play their part to keep Bicester as a special and inviting destination. 

Paraphrasing John F. Kennedy’s famous address which served to inspire children and adults to see the importance of civic action and public service and to contribute in some way to the public good.

'Ask not what Bicester can do for you – ask what you can do for Bicester

There are so many inspiring stories about how the Bicester community has come together to make a difference during the recent times of crisis.

Salute the NHS - Packed and distributed over a million balanced and nutritious meal boxes to over 50 hospitals across the UK with the help of over 800 local volunteers at Bicester Heritage's Hanger 113. Set up By Ron Denis (of Formula 1 fame) with help from Tesco, Yodel and many others.

Alchester Medical Group and Montgomery House Surgery -Vaccinated over 10,000 Bicester residents, supported by hundreds of local volunteers and continue to deliver this vital service over and above normal duties. 

Bicester BUG (Bike Users Group) started delivering books purchased from local retailer Coles Bookshop by bicycle, demonstrating that there are environmentally friendly  and healthy ways to shop.

Xi 'Eddy' Gong used his I phone to take over 1000 photographs of a Bicester never previously seen in the hush of lockdown and more recently as it re-awakens with a burgeoning market culture and highlighting some of the unsung heroes in our town.  He has championed the new localism by encouraging residents to make use of what is available on their own doorstep and has promoted over 100 local businesses on Facebook. Eddy has kindly given his permission for us to use his images on this site and you can view a selection of the Best of Bicester images on our gallery

These are just 4 amazing initiatives that embody the community spirit that exists in Bicester and why we are so proud of our town and its residents.

Many of us have been working from home, shopping locally and enjoying our daily exercise in the surrounding countryside that has benefitted from reduced levels of pollution. Now, as we start to emerge from lockdown 3.0, we hope that the community maintains its support of high street and its businesses and continues to embrace some of the learnings and joys that have emerged from adversity.  The Value of voluntary work, Getting active, Helping others, Being creative and above all Respect and Kindness.