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Getting your business on board

Bicester Business Directory

As part of the efforts to support and encourage local businesses in a post covid-19 world, we have set up the Bicester Business Directory so that they can promote their company alongside others.

Because of the funding that we have received from the Reopening the High Street Fund we are able to offer FREE PREMIUM BUSINESS LISTINGS until 31st December 2021.

This will go a long way to populate the database of local firms and provide a 'go to' destination for residents and visitors to find the service they are looking for.

This offer is open to every business in Bicester and the surrounding area (see map) as well as charities and not for profits.


The benefits of claiming your business

  • Get a Featured Business Listing.
  • Populate a full Html Description of your business.
  • Showcase your best Business image to get noticed.
  • Attach up to 10 Categories so help people find you more easily.
  • Add your Website Address, Phone & Social Networks.
  • Upload  up to 15 additional images and 5 Videos.
  • See a location Map and Contact Form in your business profile.
  • Set up Business Offers & Hosted events.

How to Claim your FREE Business Listing

In order to claim a business listing, a business owner has to create an account and login into the account.

If the user is already logged in, after selecting the “Claim Business” button, s/he will be redirected to the form to fill in the details.


When the details are filled, the business listing can be claimed. In this step.

In this case, after the claim process is performed, the user will be redirected to the packages page. In this page, a new package for the listing.can be selected.

After the package has been chosen, the user will be redirected to the listing and it will be assigned to the new chosen package. But it will still be in a “Need claim approval” state and the administrator has to decide whether the claim will be approved or rejected. Please allow up to 48hours for claims to be approved.

How to create a business listing

You can create a new business listing on directly from the Business Listings page by selecting "Buy a Business Package" here

When a business listing is created here, the user who creates the listing becomes the owner of the listing and the userId is associated to the business listing.

The user should select the desired package, register or login and then complete all required business listings details.

When all the details will be completed, the listing can be saved and so the user will be redirected to fill in the billing details. On the right side of the screen, it will also be displayed the required total summary that needs to be paid.

After completing all the billing details, the user will be redirected to the payment page, so that the process can be completed.

When the payment will be complete, the listing will be created with an active – paid business plan (package). The newly created listing needs to be approved by the site administrator in order to be displayed in the search results.